A few days ago I was traveling down the Interstate when I saw that the traffic coming towards me in the opposite direction was stopped by an accident. Crews and police were doing their best to tend to the injured and clear the wreckage. This had caused quite a backup, and turned the west bound lane into a parking lot.

As I traveled, I made a few observations:

Traffic was stopped for quite a distance. It looked like at least four miles were completely stopped and not moving. Occasionally I would see somebody who saw the stopped traffic take one of those u-turn lanes in the median and travel back to the previous exit to find an alternate route. As I passed the off ramp, I saw many others lined up to exit to avoid the accident.

Still further as I drove away from the accident, I saw many others happily traveling at normal speed towards the impending calamity without any clue as to what was ahead. They were simply just living life with no idea that today their life, or at least their itinerary, was about to change.

I felt helpless — I knew what was ahead for those motorists, but I really had no way to warn them. I guess I could have flashed my headlights to at least say “Pay attention, something is ahead.”

The Spirit caught my attention and used the incident to parallel how we travel down the interstate of life towards death, and ultimately the afterlife.

The great majority of folks are just traveling in a mass without any clue to what lies ahead. Occasionally you will see the person who does realize that there is another way, and make a u-turn, or find another route. They re-plot a new course and set a new destination. Some pull out the roadmap, and others simply just trust their GPS to point them in the right direction.

It may sound very “techy” and modern to say this, but trusting in Jesus, and reading God’s Word is a lot like checking the maps and trusting in the GPS to help us reach our destination.

The question then hit me… If I was asked by a traveler how to get to someplace they didn’t know the route to, wouldn’t I do my best to help them get there?

Sure, the incident mentioned above was stopped traffic, but if I saw a man driving down the interstate about ready to drive into certain death, would I not do my best to warn them of the pending danger?

That being said:

If I TRULY believe, (in my heart that man is doomed to eternal fiery separation from God)
What I SAY I believe, (that Jesus died in place of sinful man…) then how can I NOT share about the LOVE of JESUS?

How can I not share the GOOD NEWS to a person who does not know that MY GOD died on a cross for a crime he did not commit to spare all of mankind from the eternal separation from God?

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