“This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” – 1 John 1:5


I don’t normally go into such detail with my banner art, but this one churned and evolved.

I saw a post yesterday that talked about a gentleman having a NDE (Near death experience) and how through it, he met Christ. He talked about how the light was so intense, and how it radiated off of Christ from His LOVE.

That inspired me to look into 1 John concerning God being the light.

The first part of creating the banner started with Christ. I superimposed light coming from Jesus, and from the word LOVE.


The word LOVE was encircled. This was a direct result of my reading and research in a commentary that referred to God’s love being a circle. The circle was included because of this great analogy I found in the IVP (Inter Varsity Press) Commentary.

“Now, if we agree that God is pure light, how does it help us answer the question, What does God want of us? John’s answer comes here in absolute terms: light and darkness are as incompatible in the Christian as they are in God. We can picture this with two circles. One contains in it truth, love, righteousness, eternal life, hope, purity and confidence. This is God’s sphere of light, and the children of light walk in it. In biblical thought walking (1 John1:6-7) is a synonym for living. Thus to say that Christians walk in the light is another way of saying that Christian life is lived within the circle of God’s light. In it we catch a vision of God, and we are able to discern and follow the way of righteousness and truth that is salvation and life.

Alongside this circle lies another that circumscribes all that is antithetical to the goodness of light. In this circle are falsehood, hatred, impurity, fear and sinfulness. This is the sphere of evil, what is called the “world” (1 John 2:15-17) and “darkness.” It consists of all that God is not and is inimical to God and the circle of light.

These two circles share nothing in common. They do not overlap at all. God has no fellowship with darkness, for God is pure light. God is wholly righteous. And the children of God are to walk in the light and not in darkness. To walk in the light means to shape one’s whole being, all one’s actions, decisions, thoughts and beliefs by the standard of the God who is light, even as a circle gives shape to empty space. It does not mean to be perfect, as God is perfect, for the author’s statements about human sinfulness do not allow such an interpretation. Rather, to walk in the light means to live continually guided by and committed to the God who is light. What God wants of us is that we shape our lives not by an external norm or by some arbitrary standard, but in conformity with the very character and heart of God.

And here is where the image of the circle is helpful. Prior to drawing a circle on paper, there is only blank space. But a circle includes and excludes space, just as the circle of God’s light includes and excludes certain actions and behaviors. The circle gives shape to space, and so serves as a boundary. And, indeed, the most obvious feature of a circle is this outer boundary. But circles themselves are not defined or con structed from their edges, but from a fixed and known center. So to understand the boundary of the circle of God’s light, we do well to focus on the center, not on the edges. The commitment that John seeks, that we walk in the light, consists of focusing ever more closely on the center of the circle of light, which is God, and learning to live in conformity with that center. Where there is no center, the edges blur and fade away. Where there is a living center, the boundaries need not be a matter of constant worry and concern.”

Yes — I know that’s a hug amount to quote, but it was a beautiful illustration and a muse for my inspiration to include a “boundary” around the LOVE of Jesus.

In the discussion above about light having nothing to do with darkness, I looked into including a cameo type darkness around the light, without any overlap. Not that God is not all powerful, but the darkness representing the world we presently live in.

The final product then was filtered to add depth and frequency to the colors.

Techy-person that I am knows that frequency deals with waves. Waves starts with motion and becomes sound as it fluctuates the air around us, thus vibrating our ear drums. As the frequency of the waves increase, the sound waves become radio waves. As the frequency continues to increase, the radio waves become microwaves. (Yes — the ones we cook with. We shoot microwaves at our food and vibrate is so quickly that the friction causes heat.) After microwaves, waves at an extreme frequency become light… Spectrum-wise, like a prism of colors. Red to orange to yellow…Yellow turns to green as the frequency increases, and then to blue… Violet turns to indigo and eventually to white. White is representative of the ultimate purity.

Yes — I KNOW I’m complicated. God loves me anyway! 🙂

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