Ashtabula Train Disaster

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Tucked in the Ashtabula Chestnut Grove Cemetery are the remains of Phillip Bliss in a mass grave of those who died in the Ashtabula Bridge disaster in 1876.

The railroad train on which Mr. and Mrs. Bliss rode to their death left Buffalo, New York, on afternoon, December 29, 1876. At eight o'clock that evening, while approaching Ashtabula station, and crossing a ravine, the bridge gave way, and the train, with its precious freight of human lives, was precipitated to the bottom.

I took this photo in September of 2010. Close up of the monument.   What I remember most about this day was how a gentle wind eased itself through the trees.  In the distance I could hear the long slow whistle of a train as it made it's way across the Ashtabula terrain. When I hear "It Is Well" or "I Will Sing Of My Redeemer" I am brought back to this rail tragedy, and I remember Phillip Bliss.
"After testifying before an investigative jury, Charles Collins quietly went home and shot himself in the head. He was also buried in the Chestnut Grove Cemetery, several feet from the mass grave. "
Crypt of Charles Collins. As best as I could puzzle together, this was at least the general local of the Ashtabula station, and probably the track about 500 feet or so from what would have been the bridge.  The CSX train is heading in the direction of what would have been the bridge.  The 1876 train would have been coming from the opposite direction with the train having actually made it across.  The coal tender did not.   

This is no direct way of actually getting to where the bridge was today.
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