Morning Balloon – 07/05/2011

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So I am sitting on the couch having my morning coffee when something catches my attention out the window... A balloon!  Grab the camera...  So I run out in the backyard and snap a picture.  Wow that balloon looked bigger outside of my viewfinder!  Need to get closer... That's better... A view over Lake Farmette... Too much clutter, and a shadow!  Need to get closer... That's better!  Hey wait... Need to crop that tree out of the left part of the frame...  A little closer...
There... I got it... Wait!  Mr. Balloon man, where did you go?  Awww man! He popped his head back up, and I was ready!  This was a nice picture! Slightly more foreground...  Maybe a nice wallpaper?
Need to slightly rotate the picture 1 degree... Hmmm OK -- I got bored with the balloon and started playing with this panoramic app on my camera.  I like the shadow!  
Photos 1 - 8 out of 8 | Back to Albums

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