What’s With The Banners?

Let’s get something straight: I’m complicated. There’s a rabbit trail of distractions that run through my head like a pink-nosed freight train.

Originally I started Mug of Mercy as a blog to just journal my occasional thought. It was kind of an electronic scrapbook of my thoughts. Sometimes months would pass between entries as life swallowed me up, or a distance grew between God and myself.

I can say the same thing about my personal Facebook page, really.

But it’s not about me. I’m just some shlub of a guy that just happens to be here on this planet wandering through life trying to figure it all out. I’m nothing special, and really — as some of you would agree, I really lack any talent. I’m not a musician. (But I love to sing! — Trust me, I rock at singing The Bohemian Rhapsody!) I’m not an artist, I cannot draw very well. Photography is cool, but there are so many better at it and have a way better eye for framing a picture.

I really enjoy writing… But I never really knew the difference from a pro-noun to an adverb about literary skills. I’m not letting that stop me. I do all these things, despite my inadequacies.

I know a little about alot of things — Electronics, Amateur radio, computers, cooking, music… but really, nothing extraordinary.

I do however trust and love one absolutely extraordinary God. He really is the only constant in my ever-changing world. Because of that constant, I feel the need to point Him out to you — because without that constant anchor of consistency, my life falls apart.

So… I write a little. I doodle with my iPad and play with pictures and graphics. It’s fun!

Some people play “Candy Crush Saga” or other games. Nothing wrong with that — I just doodle and play with pictures and fonts. Think of these banners as my “High Score.”

All of the banners come from a thought. The words cause me to focus on whatever it is I am focusing on. It’s kind of my own little “Bible Study” and it’s how God slows me down long enough to get my attention.

Often times, the thought comes from a song. God will bring to mind a song or hymn, and mentally highlight a section or sentence. He uses that then to bring his words to life.

That will start me searching the scriptures. I’ll look through different Bible versions and let the Holy Spirit talk to my heart.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… These are mine.

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